The best song for singing is selected while driving


Singing while driving is one of those universal enjoyments common to all people. Who does not enjoy listening to a favorite song and singing in full voice when no one is listening?

More than 2,000 drivers took part in a survey to determine what is the favorite track for driving and without competition in the first place is the “Bohemian Rhapsody” of “Quinn”.

This is no surprise, as the song gradually moves to a climax that raises the mood and is long enough to not drench on some longer and desolate parts of the road you are driving.

Also, this song is best for singing and with company in cars.

Second place is “Abba” “Dancing Queen”, followed by John Bon Jovi “Livin ‘on a Prayer”. In fourth place is “I’m Gonna Be” (500 miles) “at” Proklimers “and the fifth” Eye of the Tiger “of” Surveyor “from the third part of” Rocky “.

All these songs have common features that make them generally attractive for singing while driving: a clear structure, contagious rhythm, hamrony, excellent lyrics and a refrain to remember.

The verses are simple, with messages we understand and which can be identified, and the refrains are easy to remember.


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