The cats understand what you are saying, just do not care


Despite their natural instinct to disobey, cats can recognize when you call them by name, claims a new study. If you were wondering if your cat knows what you are saying, now you know that it understands you. Just do not care.

So far, we have known that dogs, monkeys, parrots, and dolphins can recognize human speech and even some orders. Now scientists have proved that cats understand certain words – in a way.

A Japanese team of scientists led by Dr. Atsuko Saito at the Sofia University conducted research on 78 cats from local homes and “cottage shelters” to find out whether cats have the ability to distinguish human tones, names, and certain terms.

“The cats recognize the subtle differences between the differences in sounds released by their owners. Some of the owners insisted that their cat knows how to recognize the name and that’s why we had to test it, “the report said in a survey.

Scientists have made the test by giving cats an audio recording in which their owners speak a few words before uttering their name at the end of the tape.

The cats react to the voice of their owner, as well as the words they listened to. The reactions were noted as eardrums, nose, special movements of the body and paws and others. Special reactions were observed when the owner talked about food, and the cats had a much more reaction when they heard their name.

Does it look as if you care what you are talking about?

According to scientists, the results do not show that cats know that this is their name, but that they recognize the sound well and know what it is used for. What does not react to most of what people say is that cats are not sufficiently interested in human speech. Everyone who keeps cats knows exactly what we are talking about.


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