The European Parliament has supported the use of cannabis for medical purposes


The European Parliament has supported the use of cannabis for medical purposes after discussing possible abuses of medically justifiable therapies.

MEPs urge the European Commission and the authorities of EU member states to define what is medical cannabis, prevent abuse and provide funding in a new research program on the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Countries where medical cannabis is legal often have problems accessing, rewriting and purchasing this product.

Some MEPs believe that a comprehensive regulation of cannabis remedies would limit the black market and guarantee product quality.

Also, the access of juveniles to cannabis would be limited and would provide legal certainty and access to patients who could use cannabis for medical purposes, with special precautions for young people and pregnant women, is contained in the adopted resolution.

Lawmakers consider that there is satisfying evidence that cannabis has therapeutic properties in the treatment of chronic pain in adults and that it relieves the pain, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, as well as the symptoms of spasmosis in patients with multiple sclerosis, and also encourages the growth of bones.

Some MEPs who are practicing doctors warn that attention should be paid to two extremes – it must act against stereotypical claims that cannabis is an illegal and dangerous drug, and on the other hand to keep an eye on patients not to start using cannabis whenever something will get sick.

Vera Yurova, European Commission Commissioner for Consumer Protection, announced that research on the therapeutic properties of cannabis will continue.

When it comes to cannabis and its free use, the most liberal countries in the EU are the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Czech Republic.


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