The ice takes a new victim: Putin played hockey and stretched out on the ground in front of a full hall


Russian President Vladimir Putin gave eight goals on yesterday’s match in hockey, playing with Russian hockey stars. But what the audience laughed for a moment was his (not so) spectacular decline after the end of the match.

Putin played for Legendi next to former hockey stars Vyacheslav Slava Fetisov and Pavel Bure. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also played in the same team, who scored three goals.

The opposition team was made up of amateur players, including Putin’s friend Gennady Timchenko, billionaire Vladimir Potainin and several Russian governors. The match ended 14: 7, leaving Putin’s team reaching a new win at the traditional match.

After the end of the match, while the Russian president greeted the audience, he encountered a small hurdle and stretched out on the ground, which was greeted with a gentle laugh from the audience and his “teammates”.

Putin rose and, through a smile, continued to greet the audience for their presence.


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