The legendary video game “Diablo” arrives on a smartphone


Blizzard, an American maker and computer game maker, announced at BlizzCon 2018 that it is working to create a new game from the franchise “Diablo”, which will be released as a mobile game.

“Diablo Immortal” is a new game for mobile phones, and Blizzard announced it on Friday, when “Diablo 3” became available for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a Massively Multiplayer Online game, a game in which more people can play online simultaneously.

Players will be able to join other players in the game to help with the performance of one of the missions. In the game you will find several heroes, such as the classic wizard, demon hunters, negromants, barbarians and the like.

The game will be available for iOS and Android phones. According to reports of those who attended BlizzCon 2018, the game seems to be a hit. The price and date of the premiere remain unknown.

The latest addition to “Diablo 3” came out in 2012 and was first available only for computers, but then became available on all consoles.


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