The man who paid $ 110,000 to kill a goat from an endangered species


Last week, a photo was published in the Pakistani newspapers that caused enormous public attention, Washington Post writes. It’s about a shotgun of a slain wild goat, and besides her dead body stands the smiling face of an American hunter who paid $ 110,000 for this “pleasure”.

“It takes a few seconds to realize that the animal, in this case a wild goat of endangered species (capra falconeri), is dead,” the newspaper said.

Newspapers in Pakistan state that US hunter Brian Kinsel Harlan killed the animal during a tourist expedition to the north of Pakistan.

The whole story has caused regret and rage on social networks in Pakistan. But what’s behind this? Three Americans in Pakistan killed three such goats last month. According to Pakistani officials and animal protection groups, the practice of killing helps to save and save rare and endangered species of animals.

Previously, goats were hunted for meat, disappeared for cutting forests, military activities, and uncontrolled hunt for horns. By 2011, only 2,500 goats remained.

Several years ago, animal welfare officials have begun an action to preserve the species. Pakistan has banned hunting, but allowed a handful of foreign hunters to kill 12 men in the season. This led to an improvement in the situation.

That’s why hunter Harlan thinks he is involved in the preservation of the endangered species of goats.

“This is a perfect example when hunters around the world will associate with local peasants for a higher purpose, to preserve the sight,” he says.


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