The Octagon will be narrow: McGregor and Nurmagomed have arranged a spectacular UFC fight!


An official announcement from the organizers confirmed that Habib Nurmagomedov will defend the championship title in Las Vegas on October 6, and the opponent will be his former champion who gave up his belt for inactivity – Connor McGregor!

The drama about this fight was long overdue, and even in a similar way passed the official press conference on which the fighters did not appear, but the promoters only announced their spectacle with ordinal number 229 (UFC # 229), followed by a promotional video in which the great struggle is announced, which caused ovations in the hall.

Tensions between these two fighters who have been electrified by the media through various media so far, and on a number of occasions had a “close contact” throwing sparks from too much “voltage” can only be compared with some epic duels of famous fighters from the past.

Irishman McGregor in this way will try to return to the world throne and deny all the rumors that he is afraid to continue, while for Nurmagomedov this will be a rare chance to show whether he really deserves the championship belt and how honest he was in the calls to Connor to accept a fight with him. The next video best captures their downloads that have lasted for a long time.


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