The rocket Smart with 2,000 horsepower is legal for city traffic


American Bill Berg has turned his Smart ForTwo from 2008 into a real small rocket. No, really. He built a jet engine from a helicopter in this small car and now has a vehicle with 2,000 horsepower.

Unlike all other models that are “experimental”, this extremely fast Smart is quite legal for driving on city streets. It has functional headlights, flashlights, wipers, and even a factory climate.

The maximum speed of the Berg’s Smart is 280 kilometers per hour, which is much more than most of the city’s luxurious city cars. But it comes with a price. This car consumes 57 liters of fuel every five minutes.

Bill Berg and previously experimented with such extreme car upgrades. He already owns the fastest ATV in the world, as well as the fastest bus in the world.


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