The United States successfully tested a new missile system


Washington, October 27, 2018 – The US military has successfully tested a missile defense system, which experts claim to be a milestone and proves that the US is strengthening its medium-range missile launch capabilities.

The Egis system used in the latest test is equipped with a standard interceptor rocket developed by Rejeton Co and Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

Successful system testing contributes to the early launch of a missile defense system.

The Director of the Missile Defense Agency, Lieutenant General Sam Harvey, said the test was “an exceptional achievement and a key milestone”.

Experts say the test allows for continued plans for the eventual deployment of the system in Poland. US plans to deploy missile defense in Poland is aimed at preventing a possible assault from Iran, but it has caused anxiety in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that if the US withdraw from the Mid-Term Treaty (INF), they will have to respond in a strong way and that European states “must understand” that they risk being targeted by a counterattack if they agree on their own Territory to set up American medium-range missiles.

The rocket intercept test was carried out by the USS John Fine ship in the Pacific, and a target rocket was launched from a Hawaii location.


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