There were private messages of 81,000 Facebook users


Personal data of 257,000 Facebook users, including private messages of 81,000 users, have been available online since early September and have allegedly been distributed by Russian hackers, BBC reports.

The data was posted on an “online” hacker forum claiming to have access to personal data on 120 million user accounts and selling one account for 10 cents, the BBC reported.

The media claimed that it had contacted five users, who confirmed that online conversations were indeed their private messages from Facebook.

The analysis, conducted by the British Cybernetics Security Company Digital Shadows, found 12 thousand of 257 thousand users in Russia and 47 thousand users who said they were from Ukraine.

The BBC’s investigation showed that the Russian-made link to the platform on which the data appeared or was created appeared there. It is related to the IP address in St. Petersburg.


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