These are your partners in fighting obesity


For a winter to be in great shape and to feel good, you do not have to hold a diet. Instead, use spices to help you maintain a good line.

Black pepper

This is one of the spices found in everybody’s kitchen, and it can be a great parner against the increase in the number of pounds, a recent study published in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found.


Cinnamon will help you to rest and regenerate your muscles after a great effort. A study found that women who consumed a cinnamon spoon each day, for a period of 6 weeks, managed to reduce muscle pain after exercise.


Not only will it reduce your abdominal pain, ginger will help you feel saturated and at the same time will melt calories. It turned out that women with excess pounds who drank tea from ginger for a meal ate less than the respondents who did not drink this tea.


Even vanilla smell can help you control your cravings for sweets. Overweight subjects who had a vanilla odorant flask, half reduced the intake of sweets, while those who had a lemon-based laminate, for example, did not show any changes in the diet.


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