Three things that reveal what a man is in bed



The way you talk, eat, or touch you are different methods that can reveal whether a potential partner can satisfy you in bed. You just need to study his everyday features.

1. How to eat

Is your partner eating fast or slow? Men who eat fast and less clumsily seek fast satisfaction, and they are also in sex. They want to do the job at a speed.

If it enjoys food and leaves the best piece for the last bite, it means that it requires delay and long satisfaction. Such a man will have a better technique in bed and can be much more sensuous. When someone is picky with food, this usually means that he will not want much experimentation in sex.

2. How to speak

Often, the height and color of the voice decide whether someone is sexy or not. As far as the male voice is deeper, women seem to be stronger and more powerful. The rhythm of speech is important in determining whether one is sexy or not.

A quick way of speaking seems to act as a person who goes uncoordinated. For such men you simply can not imagine that they would be good in bed, where co-ordination and rhythm are important.

3. How it touches

All pairs pass through the phase of the first touches at the beginning of the relationship. To reveal it, pay attention to how you touch it, there are many signals that you need to pay attention when you first meet someone and spend time with him because you like him.

Try it easy to touch it by hand or knee and wait for it to return you with the same or a similar measure.

If it starts too fast or it is too often touching you, it’s a bad sign. This may mean that it is a bit selfish, that it wants to have the main word and that it will not respect your wishes in bed.


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