Two dangerous eating disorders


A new study suggests that two specific eating disorders are associated with cancer, which is the insufficient consumption of dairy products and the inclusion of too few grains of whole grain.

Scientists say the consumption of red meat, delicacy, sugars and sweetened drinks can also cause cancer.

The study was published in the JNCI Cancer Spectrum, and found that the diet is a possible cause of about 80,000 cases of invasive adult cancer in the United States in 2015. So far it has been known about red meat and processed foods as possible triggers, but it was not known that the insufficient introduction of dairy products and grain whole grains are also risky,

It is determined and which forms of cancer are most often obtained as a result of poor nutrition. In 2015, 38 per cent of cases of colorectal cancer are associated with poor nutrition, as well as 25.9 per cent of cases of cancer in the mouth, throat and larynx. The study found that about 16 per cent of these cancers are related to obesity.

“Nutrition is one of the factors that can be easily influenced by cancer prevention,” says Dr. Fang Fang Zhang. “These results show that it is very important to improve the inclusion of key groups of groceries and nutrients,” says the author of the study.

Balanced diet by consuming all groups of groceries, this is the ultimate conclusion, especially this applies to diets that throw out entire grocery groups.


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