VIDEO: A streaming video in which Kim Kardashian “tightens” in a corset


Kim Kardashian’s slim structure on this year’s Met Gaal has caused stormy reactions. Her slim spit and appearance in the science fiction films was a mystery to this day.

She appeared at a New York event in a dress inspired by a scene in the movie “Boy on a Dophin” of 1957, in which Sofia Lauren stands on a boat wet from head to toe in a creamy dress.

Kardashian replicated this look with the help of several crystals and shells.

But what fell into their eyes was the slim structure, for which the face of KIM Claims is a result of more monthly training, but the video shows something else.

On the tape is seen everywhere Kim wears a scissor for his feet, and the waist is taken care of by the pre-corset, so in one moment Kim was loose.

“If I can not sit down and have dinner, I’ll know what I’m doing,” she said.

See what Kim’s preparation for matte galaxy looked like:


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