Vladimir Putin received an invitation to visit the White House in 2019


Russian President Vladimir Putin received an official invitation to visit the White House in early 2019, US Secretary of Defense John Bolton announced today.

Bolton said today at a press conference in Georgia and said the scheduling of the meeting would be further planned, but that the official invitation was valid for the period after January 1 next year.

“We invited President Putin to Washington after January 1 next year and we intend to have consultations during the whole day when he comes to visit. For now, we do not know which date the meeting will be held, but it will be further planned, “Bolton said.

US President Donald Trump held a summit in Helsinki this year, which was attended by Vladimir Putin. There, Trump invited Putin to a meeting that was to take place this fall, but then the meeting was postponed.

For now, it is not known whether Vladimir Putin will accept the invitation, but the US representative body hopes that the meeting will be held and that will improve relations between the two countries.


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