Weight loss: Signs that you lose muscle mass, not fat


Once you start intensive training to reduce weight, you must keep an eye on the exercise or you lose muscle mass.

Weakness is a difficult and painstaking process. Changing food habits and introducing exercise can seriously change your lifestyle.

Usually the goal is to reduce the body fat concentration and increase muscle mass, but the placenta does not always take place as we like.

You may come to the reverse schedule and start losing muscle rather than fat, which can be dangerous to your general health.

These are the most common signs of losing muscle mass, not fat:


From day to day, you feel that it’s getting harder for you to do the exercises, and you start and think to fully skip your workout due to exhaustion.

First you will notice that you lose strength in the gym. The weight of the weights you lift will be significantly reduced or you will not be able to do the same number of batches as before.

Girl getting ready for gym training

Difficult execution of everyday activities

Inadequate nutrition can lead to a decrease in muscle mass that can damage the function of certain muscle groups.

It usually occurs because of lack of energy and excessive exercise.

The result is difficulty in performing both the most basic physical activity and rapid fatigue.

Visible fatty deposits

If you work hard, and there is no change in the visible fatty tissue, and there is a change in weight, it’s the most conclusive sign that you lose muscle rather than fat tissue.

Remember that attenuation is a marathon, not a sprint. You should lose one kilogram a week on average. In this way, you will lose weight well and you will not have a “yoy effect,” ie it will not return the lost pounds in a short time.


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