What are the most common injuries in sex?


Sex should be an activity for enjoying, but it does not always flow so smoothly and can happen “from a toy cry”.

A recent survey by EuroClinix healthcare company shows the most common injuries sustained during sex.

Some injuries are fairly obvious, while others are a bit nuisance and are likely to occur to those who are slightly more adventurous in bed (or elsewhere).

The most common injury to women is the appearance of rabbit wounds and the occurrence of urinary tract infection, while in men the most terrible injury is a broken penis, but luckily it happens very rarely.

The survey also found that out of 2,000 respondents from the UK, as many as 22% of respondents aged 18-24 said that they had been injured during sex in some way.

These are the eight most common injuries (and negative consequences) of sex that do not involve sexually transmitted diseases, and advice on how to act in such a case:

Rabbits of the vagina – Use a lubricant if you do not have enough natural moisture. Visit a doctor if the healing continues and abstain from sex until the wounds are closed because they are the ideal area for developing an infection.

Friction rash – Most often occurs by rubbing the skin on the carpet or rough furniture-fabrics. Wash that part of the skin with cold water and antibacterial soap.

Subject in the vagina – If a part or whole subject you used in sex games breaks into the vagina, seek immediate medical help.

Injury on the back – Place a cold coat on the sore spot or gel for relaxing muscles.

Stretched muscle – Put a cold coating and drink ibuprofen in each case.

Irritation of food – Wash the skin with cold water and soap and place a coating with cold milk.

Urinary tract infection – Do you feel tingling when you urinate? Visit the gynecologist to confirm the infection and let you prescribe therapy.

Broken penis – this is not a common injury, but in any case, you should know this: Do not put ice and immediately go to hospital.


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