What are the most common sex fantasies of men and women?


Sexual fantasies are not a topic that is often publicly discussed, but they are certainly something that every one of us is thinking about.

In a study on this topic, conducted a few years ago in Canada, scientists analyzed 1,516 adult respondents, of whom 799 were men and 718 women. They were asked 55 questions about their erotic thoughts.

The questions answered a hall of seven levels, from “I completely agree” to “I do not agree at all”.

About 85% of the total number of respondents reported being heterosexual, 3.6% homosexual, and others as “something in between”, that is, bisexuals or with an unspecified sexual orientation.

The results of the survey are somewhat surprising, and somewhat expected.

Men have sexual fantasies more often than women, but the difference in percent is not dramatic. The biggest difference between the sexes is shown in terms of what follows the fantasy. Men in most cases want to realize their fantasies, and women clearly separate the fantasies from reality – there is not a great desire for fantasy to be carried out in the act.

These are the most common fantasies in men and women, according to the analysis of the results of the research:

A surprisingly high percentage of women (30 to 60%) said they fantasize about situations in which they will be in a subordinate position, from tying and clapping in the buttocks to rude or extremely rough sex. These respondents emphasized that they do not want to make such fantasies come true.

Fantasies involving sex with a stranger also rank high on the list, and women also often choose specific locations for such fantasies.

High on the list of sexual fantasies in men lists sex in a triple. Almost the same percentage of women in the survey share this view, with the difference that men want to make this fantasy, and women are more hesitant.

Also, women mainly fantasize about their partners, and in men it is not the case. They mainly fantasize about adultery, and the subject of fantasy are mostly women who know them from their immediate surroundings.

Acceptance of oral sex also highs, but giving is less satisfaction. Many men fantasize to “catch” their partner “in action” with another man, which is not the case with women.

The survey also found that heterosexual men expressed much greater interest in anal sex. In rarer male fantasies there is sex with a prostitute or sexual abuse of women with alcohol-related disabilities.

Researchers at the University of Quebec in Montreal also concluded that women generally do not want to describe their fantasies in detail, while men do not refrain from delivering details, even those “the most important.”

Interesting data from the research is also the “fascinating opposition” to some results, the researchers say. This includes the information that people who fantasize about subjugation often have fantasies in which they are dominant, but do not exclude the other, that is, all of which relates to “higher levels of satisfaction”.


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