What are the worst tourists in the world?


According to a survey from 2015, made by site.com.com, Argentines are known as tourists who most often steal things from hotel rooms. Also, guests from Singapore are considered to be thieves, while this does not apply to guests from Hong Kong.

But which tourists are the worst?


Chinese tourists are prone to insulting aircraft employees, known for their vandalism of archaeological attractions, and having habits to urinate in public places.

In 2016, 122 million Chinese traveled abroad, and some of them behaved indecently.


They are valid for kind tourists, but the fact is that the trips are a bit more relaxing with alcohol, so they are seen running barefoot in the streets. Many world newspapers have written about frauds by British tourists who are lying about food poisoning, demanding compensation from the hotel where the alleged poisoning occurred.


The Germans are strictly following the rules.

“They take so much vacation and travel so seriously that you are not sure if they are having fun. If the brochure says that they will receive drinks and snacks during the trip from the airport to the accommodation, they will insist on it, even at a price so that they do not see the landscapes or the attractions they pass by, “says Andrew Eames from germanyswundeerbar.com.


A typical American tourist thinks everyone should do everything on his account. And for everything that does not suit him, he will try to offer money to help himself. According to the site asiaone.com, fewer are those who do not respect local culture.


These tourists are considered harsh, impatient and loud. They write about them and they are inclined to argue about the price of the accommodation, that is, they are trying to deceive the hotels.


Russian tourists are said to have an attitude “we know that nobody wants us and do not care about it”. Aware of the behavior of Russian tourists abroad, the Russian Foreign Ministry has made a brochure on travel behavior in which they urge their citizens to behave in a decent manner. According to a poll, 42 percent of Russians consider their fellow citizens to be the worst tourists.


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