What can I do for the iPhone battery life last?  


How To Reduce Battery Consumption Of The Ever-Smooth iPhone? There are several applicable ways that you can try at any time.

Apple’s software development chief Craig Federgi has voiced the impression that you can reduce battery spending on iPhone by turning off open-source applications that you do not use.

In fact, the forced closing and re-opening of applications shortens the battery life. Forced shutdown, we only need to apply when the application does not respond or creates problems.

In that case, how can you reduce battery consumption?

It will help if you turn the Airplane Mode mode into a weak signal area, the phone will not attempt to find a network in vain. The same applies to WiFi, if there are no available networks as well as Bluetooth, if you do not use it.

Also, your iPhone can automatically switch to a mode that reduces power consumption when the battery drops to 20 percent capacity. In that case, allegedly, the battery can withstand another 20 minutes without charging, provided you do not overload your smartphone with too many tasks.

As the screen is a rather large consumer of the battery, try to activate automatic light adjustment.

So, you do not have to worry about it, and the iPhone itself will make sure that the screen adjusts to daylight.


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