What is the difference between losing weight and fat loss?


When people decide to lose weight, their goal is actually to lose excess fat in the body. In reality, when the figure starts to drop to scale, fats are not the only thing that the body burns.

Besides fat, water and sometimes muscle mass are lost.

Personal coach Max Weber explains how actually the kilos, which show us the scale, do not reveal the whole story.

He showed that the number of lost pounds changes. It is different from day to day and even if you measure at different times on the same day.

On the other hand, fat loss is linear.

“While weight loss is oscillating up and down, the line that shows fat loss is flat and flat, because the percentage of fat does not depend on a cup of water or a large meal, after which you will measure it on a scale,” Weber explained.

He recommends that you do not concentrate on the figure shown to you by the scale, but on the body dimensions, that is, the photos you monitor progress, how your clothes are and how much you are better and better at the gym.

“Focus on multiple variables because weight gain is constantly oscillating,” he adds.

Therefore, even if you have gained weight, do not demote, because it can be water or muscle mass.


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