What should you eat if you sweat too much?


During high temperatures, there is almost no person who does not sweat too much. Nutritionist Rick Haye discovers how to cool your body by entering certain types of foods and liquids.

Hay advises the intake of vitamin B because it reduces stress, which leads to increased sweating, as well as less intake of alcohol and caffeine. Also, you need to eat lighter foods and fruits, such as grapes and watermelons, which require less effort to digest into the body.

“Vitamin B regulates hormones and keeps stress levels under control. Often when we sweat, we become nervous because of the sweat and stains that appear on the clothes. Then, the temperature of our body increases even more, so we become anxious and susceptible to stress. All this leads to increased sweating, “Hay says.

Vitamin B plays a key role here because it connects the endocrine and nervous system, which have a significant role in the stress response. When we are stressed, this hormone works harder. Several studies have shown that vitamins B6, B9 and B12 help regulate the level of stress.

Magnesium also helps in the “fight” against sweating, because if we do not have enough magnesium and calcium, then the nerves lose control of the opening and closing of the pores through which the sweat comes out. Magnesium helps the body get used to daytime stress.

“When we sweat, we lose a lot of magnesium. This leads to intense sweating, so it is necessary to upgrade. Eat dark green fruits, walnuts and seeds, to supplement the lost amount of magnesium, and eggs in the eye to supplement the loss of vitamin B. They are good for your nervous system and help regulate sweating, “says Haye.

Eat fruits and vegetables for snacks. Enjoy watermelon, melon, but also cucumbers and celery.

Do not underestimate the power of sophistry, which has solved this problem for years.

Sage is a natural source of flavonoids and plyphenols, which makes it a strong antibacterial agent.


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