When sex is more than sex: Love, escape, manipulation


Professor Gürt Birnbaum explores why sex can be a problem for people and how with grafting we transform other meanings of sex from an animal drive into something far greater than our everyday life.

It shows how sex can be anything but sex – a way to express love, to escape from reality or a means of manipulating others.

She talks about the bright and dark side of sex and why it can create intimate interpersonal relationships to the same extent and destroy them.

Professor Birnbaum works at the Interdisciplinary Center at the School of Psychology in Israel.

Her research leads her through complementary questions: How does the functional meaning of sex change as the relationship progresses from initial meetings to long-lasting commitment, and what are the processes through which the sexual behavior system contributes to the development, maintenance and / or deterioration of relationships?

She is holding a speech at a TEDx conference organized by the local community.


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