Which part of the day is ideal for exercise?


Which part of the day to choose for the most effective training is an issue that both scientists are interested in.

Of course, opinions are divided.

Lara Carlson of the New England University says many studies are in favor of morning exercise.

“There are studies showing that ‘morning-type people’ have lower blood pressure throughout the day and sleep better at night,” says Professor Carlson.

“People who practice in the morning in the long term see more adhere to the exercise regime,” added Steven Ball, a professor at the University of Michigan.

“Many people think they need to get a good night’s sleep, to get woken up and ready for exercise. By doing so, they only delay. Start practicing in the morning, even if you’re not asleep. So you will lose your body and you will lie down early in the evening, “advises Sara Sellers, an instructor who starts training at 4 in the morning.

On the other hand, other studies show that it is better to exercise in the afternoon. Magazine Journal Of Sports Science published a text which says that people who practice between 16 and 20 hours have more power compared to people who practice at other times of the day.

“It’s more likely that I will make a healthy choice as drinking water and exercise instead of relaxing in front of a TV with a glass of wine,” said Jennifer Indig, who exercises immediately after work, then showered and energy to play with her children.

The conclusion of scientists and instructors is: practice when you have time and according to your personal biorhythm. The most important thing is not to miss training.


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