Which phones radiate the most, and which at least?


So far there have been many studies about the harmful effects of radiation from mobile devices. Some smartphone manufacturers, in addition to remaining device data, also publish information about the level of radiation you are exposed to using them.

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection compiled lists of phones that mostly, or at least, emit the users. Each of the lists is divided into 16 models of phones compared to the degree of radiation.

The unwanted first place on the list of the phones that radiate most belonged to the Mi A1 model of Xiaomi, which indicated an emission of 1.75 W / kg. In second place is OnePlus 5T with 1.68 W / kg, and on the third one another device of Xiaomi – Mi Max 3 with a radiation of 1.58 W / kg.

The first phone that uses the Android platform, which is on this list is the iPhone, i.e. the iPhone 7. It measured a 1.38 W / kg radiation, which means it ranks 9th on the list. The next iPhone on the list is iPhone 8 at 14th place with measured radiation of 1.32 W / kg.

Google’s phones ranked seventh (Pixel 3 XL with 1.39 W / kg) and 12th (Pixel 3 with 1.33 W / kg).

The list of lowest-emitting phones is Samsung’s Galaxy Note8, which measures only 0.17 W / kg of radiation, and the same amount of radiation has the second-ranked ZTE Axon Lite. The third place is the LG G7 with measured radiation of 0.24 W / kg.


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