Why are men constantly looking at other women?  


Although almost every woman will be angry when she notices that her chooser looks at another woman on the street, men claim that jealousy is unfounded.

A woman feels threatened when she seizes the look of her husband or boy looking at another, thinking that she is comparing her to the girl who looked at her. However, men argue that their opinion is quite different.

No matter how much the woman is attractive and confident, her husband passes through her head thoughts that the husband / boy looks at another because she is more convenient and more beautiful. Then he will think that he does not care for his partner, that he wants to replace him, or that he does not want him enough.

Men react differently. According to them, being married or having a girl does not mean that they should not see or notice beautiful women around. But even when they do it does not mean they fantasize about that girl. In most cases, that gorgeous girl after whom she turned evaporated from her head for a very short time.

Although they will sometimes think that this other woman is more attractive, at the end of the day it does not matter to them at all, as long as they are with the person who has chosen themselves.


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