Why do men exaggerate the number of sexual partners?



A recent study, conducted by scientists at a university in Glasgow, found that men on average more often exaggerate the number of sexual partners, BBC reports.

Scientists believe that this research is an important contribution to researching human sexuality and the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex therapist Grace Landes, however, suspects that this is true.

She believes that people should concentrate on the positive and negative experiences they have gained in past relationships, not on the number of partners.

Analyzing data from the National Sexual and Life-Style Survey, which included 15,162 respondents aged 16 to 74, scientists found that men on average have 14 sexual partners, while women are seven.

Shame makes men exaggerate the number of sexual partners

Men and women often know how to exaggerate or reduce the number of partners due to different perceptions of their sexuality in society. According to sexologist Rachel Nedl, women are most often lying about the number of their partners because of the fear of negative reactions among other people, while men do the same to turn out to be “bigger” in the eyes of others.

In other words, men with a large number of partners perceive themselves as fierce, while women often follow a negative image, if their number of sexual partners is greater, and therefore they often say they had fewer partners, for their current partner to feel important.

Sexual therapist Barbara Gold, however, believes that the background of this phenomenon is shameful. She claims that no matter how advanced we are, prejudices continue to prevail that women have no right to express their sexuality and enjoy it as well as men.

In women, such procedures are most often encountered by negative reactions from the environment, while, on the other hand, men are expected, and even encouraged, to be sexual beings.

Sexologists eventually advise couples to turn the conversation into sexual desire, not the number of men or women who slept with a person.

Talking about what you want in bed will not only help you to get to know your partner better, it will also increase your self-esteem, that is, improve your sex life, writes “BBC”.


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