Why does a woman stop loving?


As there are “rules” for falling in love, so there are those quiet signs that are an introduction to falling in love, that is, signs that love is falling out.

Women find it harder to admit they have stopped loving their partner, but when the image of their “ideal man” is dispersed, love for women is ready for women.

Humor is extremely important for women and if it starts to fade, their relationship becomes boring.

Neglecting and overly relaxing in the relationship, that is, taking “hello for granted” leads to the cooling of feelings. These are three things that a woman stops loving and will not cross over to stay in touch.

She does not feel respected

Every woman wants to be respected. She must receive attention, tell her partner how much he means and that her role is irreplaceable in his life. This is the best way to preserve the relationship, and she will respond to her partner with respect, she will respond twice.

Lack of intimacy

Psychologist Judith Sherwood says that any woman who feels a relationship with her partner has a huge potential for love and building that love.

“Most people associate intimacy with sex. However, however important sex in the relationship, the real intimacy that women dreams of is the connection that is felt and when you are not together, when you feel and think like one, “says Sherwen.

Others show more interest

If a woman sees that others are caressing her, they open a door, give her a place, give her attention, and she does not get it from her partner, it will irritate the relationship. The woman wants to feel coveted by her partner.


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