Winter tires for bad conditions: There is no compromise when the safety is in question


You’ve probably read this before, but we will repeat it once again: winter tires are an indispensable part of your car equipment, especially if you live in areas with a strong winter with lots of snow. And yes, applies to all drivers, even those with all-wheel drive vehicles.

Often, drivers want to supplement the lack of winter tires with All season tires, ie tires for all seasons. We are here to tell you not to be part of those drivers.

To remind you why you need winter tires, team has made a series of tests to make sure you have to match your car’s equipment to weather conditions that run outside. In brief: How much winter tires do you need in the winter? A lot.

Even with anti-slip technology and ABS brakes on, the winter-free winter car is unstable and moves everywhere. In a low-speed test, the car without winter tires slid a few meters more before it stalled.

You may still be skeptical about winter tires. If the sentence “So I have a four-wheel drive car, I do not need winter tires” passes through the head, then continue to watch the second video.

Neither the four-wheel drive can improve the car’s management, but can only help it get off the ground. The all-wheel drive car will continue to be unstable, difficult to operate and risk-ridden if it is not fitted with appropriate equipment, in this case winter tires.

Finally, a small reminder: After the winter passes, take out winter tires because their performance on the dry pavement is far worse than those of summer tires. You see, it’s really important to use the right equipment at any time.


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