With a few simple exercises you can lose 5 kilograms!


Heidi Powell, a professional trainer specializing in extreme transformation programs for the 21st day, created an exercise program that quickly melt the kilograms, and is carried out only three times a week.

She says: “You will download 5 kg quickly, and if you continue in that direction, you can maintain the figure for years.” It is very important to make a break between the days when you exercise, that is, do not practice day by day, because muscles need a break of 48 hours.

First day – Lower body

Weights with weights

Stand in a widespread attitude, so your feet will be on the same line with your shoulders, and hands in which you will have one tag, lift them and bend them in the elbows so that your elbow takes your angle of 45 degrees, and the tag comes in height on the face. Make 15 kneeling, without moving your hands off the weights.

Dead lifting with upright legs

Take the same widespread attitude, but for this exercise, bend your knees well and re-take one tag in each hand, but hold your hands with your weight naturally relaxed, but forwards, so the weights should be in front of the upper part of the thighs.

Bend forward so that the upper part of the body is parallel to the floor (lower part of the body and hips are fixed), and at the same time lower the hands with the weights down, and then stand up. Do this 15 times.

Second day – Upper body part

Getting over your head

Stand with your legs spread and take a tag in one hand. Keep the forearm glued to your body, and your elbow is curled, so the tag will stand around your beard. Lift the tag over your head, straightening your hand up. Make 15 repetitions with one, and then with the other hand.

Bent body

Stand with your legs spread and take a tag in both hands. The knees should be slightly bent, and the body tilted forward at an angle of 45 degrees, so keep the weights on the thighs. Let your back be straight, and then drag your hands to yourself, until your blades are attached to your back. Repeat this 15 times.

Third Day – Whole body

Step forward – Jump

From a standing position, make a step forward with your right foot, your knee should be at an angle of 90 degrees, and let the leg on your other leg rest on the floor. Quickly jump and replace your legs, do the same, just with your left foot forward. Repeat this 15 times.

Weightlifting 2

Stand in a widespread attitude, with the weights in your hands as well as in the first exercise of the first day. Make the knees, and as you get up, raise your hands with the weights above your head. Do this 15 times.

All exercises in all three days are done in three series.


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