Women who have had multiple sexual partners are less happy in marriage


In the scientific research The Marriage Project professors Galena K. Roads and Scott M. Stanley examined how affected the number of partners of happiness in marriage. They analyzed data from thousands of free Americans aged 18 to 34 years.

After five years, 418 people were married, and the scientists monitored them to see if various factors, such as sexual past, affect the quality of marriage. They took care of four indicators, happiness in the relationship, parting thinking, level of trust, and assessment of how well things are moving. According to the survey, those who have fewer sex partners in the past are now in higher quality marriages.

These results are especially important for women because it is precisely women with more sex partners who have expressed greater dissatisfaction with the marriage. Likewise, those who at one time of their lives lived in an extramarital union with a person who later did not become their spouse, are less fortunate in marriage.

Scientists believe that this is so because those with more experience, that is, people with a range of previous relationships, become more and more dissatisfied.

Jim McNulty, a professor of social psychology, explains that people who have had multiple sex partners before marriage can simply not want commitments, and when married, they calm down so commitments begin to “choke”.


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