Xiaomi introduced Mi Mix 3 with a sliding mechanism on the front camera


The latest flagship smartphone of the Chinese company Xiaomi comes with several interesting novelties, of which the most impressive is the huge screen that stretches across the entire front of the phone.

Due to the maximum use of space, Xiaomi decided to throw out the popular “notch” of the screen, and since it was gone, the company had to devise a design that would allow access to the front camera.

That was exactly what was achieved with the sliding mechanism of the front camera, which is hidden behind the screen. Unlike Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X, the camera mechanism is not powered by motors but is designed very similar to older slide displays.

The previous two smartphones from the Mi Mix line were an attempt by Xiaomi to produce as thinner edges around the screen as possible, leaving more space for the screen itself. The company says the Mi Mix 3 screen occupies 93.4% of the front of the phone, and the “chin” at the bottom is 4.5 mm thicker than its predecessor Mi Mix 2S.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 got a 6.4-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1080p and has four cameras, two at the front and the back. On the back side there is a telephoto camera and 12 MP wide-angle camera, while on the front are cameras of 24 MP and 2 MP which are hidden by a sliding mechanism. A fingerprint sensor is located on the back, and the device has a Snapdragon 845 processor.

We Mix 3 will cost at least 420 euros, and versions with better specifications will have a higher price. The basic model comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory while 8GB RAM and 256GB internal memory will be something more expensive and will cost 505 euros. A special version called the Forbidden City Palace Museum that comes with 10GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory will cost 630 euros.


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