Your favorite sexual posture speaks volumes about you: You will be surprised!


Did you know that the sexual pose that you practice most often tells you much about you? See the most popular sex poses and find out which personality traits they reveal.

Each of us has a favorite sex posture, and it seems that there is a specific reason for this. Whether you always want to be on top or down, you can discover a lot about yourself. Supposedly, is there a connection between our character and the sexual position that we usually choose in the bedroom? For example, what you always want to be from above indicates that you want to have control and be in the spotlight. The pose “dog” gives out your animal nature, while the pose 69 shows that you need the intimacy that this pose offers.

Check out what your favorite sexual status tells you. You may learn something new about yourself.

Posa “spoon”

People who love this posture appreciate intimacy. They are passionate people who are not only about their own but also about the pleasure of their partner. This position provides comfort for the two partners and is usually chosen by people who want to stay in the comfort zone.

Missionary Pose

This is one of the most popular sexual poses. Both women and men love it. If you are a lover of the missionary pose, that means you need an emotional commitment and affection from your partner. Men, however, choose this pose because they want to dominate their lives and have control over everything. The couples who have this favorite are consistent and have a good connection.

Posa 69

People who love sexual posture are confident in themselves. They know well what they want out of life and are not afraid of the risks and challenges. Do these features describe you?

Posa “dog”

The pose “dog” is characterized by people who have an animal nature. Those who love this sexual attitude are open and want to experiment. They do not always seek lasting love, because they are open to frivolous relationships. They enjoy sex and feel free to access their relationships. These people are completely opposed to those who love the missionary.


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