10 happy amulets that every home must have


That may be true, but people around the world are trying to increase their happiness with amulets, symbols, talismans and the like. Well, not all people believe in this power, some think all this is a fool. But if you are one of those who want to improve their happiness in this way, then we present the following 10 amulets that are believed to be the most powerful in attracting good energy into the home.

  1. Elephant symbol
    In Buddhism and Hinduism, the elephant represents many beautiful things, from motherhood and fertility to happiness and wisdom. Since it has many meanings, it is very important what the elephant figure is and where you place it. For example, an elephant with a raised hinge placed in the living room draws happiness.
  2. Incense
    Many people use incense because of its odor that relaxes them, but it is believed that its ignition also purifies the negative energy.
  3. Horseshoe
    This is one of the oldest symbols of happiness that has been mentioned since ancient Irish legends and fairy tales. There are many testimonies that the horseshoe has the power to repel negative people and forces and keep them away from your home. The most classic way to protect your home is to hang your horseshoe over the front door.
  1. Turtle symbols
    This is the favorite symbol of Feng Shui experts. He is one of the 4 heavenly protectors that Feng Shui followers strongly believe in, making him one of the most powerful symbols. Whether the turtle’s armor is genuine or made of artificial materials, this symbol is believed to be a powerful home keeper, as well as a happy amulet if placed near the front and back doors.
  1. Bamboo
    Chinese superstition says bamboo is a very important symbol in every home, and the number of sticks has a different meaning. For example, you should not cultivate or worship 4 bamboos, as this number according to Chinese numerology is associated with misfortune and even death.
  2. Red
    In many cultures, red is associated with happiness. Make sure you place a red item in your home – vases, carpets, curtains…
  3. The Hand of Fatima (Hand of God)
    This amulet is carried in a purse or stored in the home for the good health and protection of the owner. It is most popular in the Middle East and North Africa. Fatima’s hand is a very important symbol in Islamic and Jewish culture, history and religion. It was created as a protective amulet, but many people today wear it as jewelry without any idea of ​​its origin and meaning. It is also believed that this amulet protects against envious eyes.
  1. Pig symbol
    The pig is a symbol of happiness, not for religious reasons, but for history. In the Middle Ages in Europe, only wealthy people had many pigs. In Germany, too, a pig is considered lucky – so when a German wins prize money, he shouts “Schwein gehabt”, which literally means “I got a pig”, which means jackpot.
  2. Carp fin
    Believe it or not, many people who believe in feng shui carry a carp fin in their wallet. After eating the fish, they break several fins and carry them into the wallet with the belief that they will attract wealth. However, to attract wealth, most people opt for a carp figure in their home.
  3. Acorns
    The acorns are considered a symbol of protection and power because they come from a stubborn and almost indestructible tree. You can place them in a bowl as a beautiful natural decoration or on the window frame, as the Nordic tradition states.

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