23 interesting facts about dogs that are nice to know


Dogs are people’s most loyal friends. This has happened many times, and what do we know about them? We know they are great home keepers, a great companion and a cure for loneliness, helping to relieve and relieve stress … What else is worth knowing about them besides being faithful, loved and wise? Read the following interesting facts about them below.

  1. The average dog’s jaw has a pressure of 90 kg, but some breeds have a stronger grip, reaching up to 200 kg!
  2. Dogs have 2 times more muscle to move than humans! Using these muscles they express over 100 emotions that the human face makes. This extraordinary gift enables them to hear sounds 4 times better than humans.
  3. They can locate an internal sound source at 6 hundredths of a second using their ears as radar.
  4. It can understand up to 250 words and gestures.
  5. They only sweat on the pads of the paws but are cooled only with the help of water.
  6. The prints on their noses are as unique as the human fingerprint.
  7. Dogs of the Mops breed, because of their specific short skull structure, are very easily burned out and suffer from an unusual problem – eye drops from apples.
  8. They have 319 bones which are 112 times more than humans have.
  9. The dog’s tail has its own tongue. When the dog wiggles its tail to the right it means it’s happy, when the dog’s left – it’s scared! Low waving is synonymous with the fact that it is unreliable, while the rapid movement of the tail followed by extended pupils may indicate aggression.
  10. It can make 10 different sounds. By comparison, cats can have almost 100.
  11. Nose humidity is of great importance to dogs. Thanks to her they can determine where the smell comes from. The longer their nose is, the more efficient their cooling system is.
  12. Based is the only non-barking dog breed.
  13. Before going to bed, they turn on the bed. Probably due to the fact that in nature this instinctive action symbolizes hiding in tall grass.
  14. One pair and their offspring in just 6 years can create a whopping 66,000 new furballs.
  15. Some dogs grow up to 30 meters of new hair daily!
  16. Stench dogs are born blind and deaf.
  17. Their odor is 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than humans.
  18. The Czech Terrier is the rarest dog breed in the world, there are currently only 350 of them.
  19. Thanks to a special membrane called reflective, dogs can also see in the dark.
  20. Normal dog temperature is between 37.5 and 39 degrees Celsius.
  21. The heart rate of their heart varies between 60-120 beats per minute.
  22. They may not feel guilty, but they may feel bad because of their master’s anger.
  23. They do not distinguish between the concept of good and bad – they evaluate the situation on the basis of their safety.

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