6 tips as to visible abdominal muscles until summer


If you want this summer to show your abdominal muscles on the beach, this is not impossible with the help of these tips from the experts. It is important to have the will and to start resolutely, not from tomorrow – but from today.


“For starters, it’s enough to change your healthy habits by not waiting for the summer, but starting right now, today. Start with less achievable goals. If, for example, you did not practice in a gym all winter, your goal should not be exercise six days a week. Start by two days, and after a while you increase to three or more, “says nutritionist Lea Silberman.

Eject the alcohol

“If you try to lose more weight, one of the best things you can do is throw away the alcohol. Alcohol adds a lot of calories, which do not add any value to your diet, “says nutritionist Natalie Rizzo.

Eat foods rich in carbohydrates before going to bed

“Carbohydrates are stored as fat if not used immediately and at night we do not consume much energy. Think about the marathoners who eat the knife before running? Pasta. Marathon players need stored energy to optimize top performance. However, if you do not run a marathon the next morning, you will not need carbohydrates. Instead, you eat protein, especially if you want to reduce your stomach fat, “said nutritionist Lea Kaufmann.

Beat the bloating

“Avoid foods and beverages that cause bloating. Also, do not chew gum and avoid carbonated drinks, “says Kaufman.

Eat protein-rich groceries

“At each meal, be careful to eat at least something rich in protein. Proteins not only help build muscle, but they also saturate you for a long time. This means that it is less likely that you will overcome later in the day, “said Silberman.

Change the way of exercise

“Try some basic exercises that you have not done before, for example yoga or pilates. It’s always good to change the rhinitis to “shock” your body that gets accustomed to one way of exercising after a certain amount of time, so it’s good to change something, “Kaufman says.


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