A plane crash near Pretoria has been released


More than 40% of airlines are afraid that the plane will fall during flight, and statistics show that the chances are more likely to fall over your head and kill you than to die in an airplane crash.

In 2016, 325 people were killed in 19 plane crashes, and by comparison, 2,800 left-hand victims die each year because they use equipment and tools designed for right-hearted people.

Satatically, you should ride a plane every day for 55,000 years before you experience a fatal plane crash.

The chance of an accident with a fatal outcome is one in 11 million, and the chance of a car accident is   1: 5,000.

However, the fact is that accidents happen due to technical and human error, and one such happened near Pretoria, South Africa last week. Two of the 19 people in the plane were killed and the crash of the plane crash was recently reported on social networks. According to several experts, the plane should not have landed due to technical shortcomings.

The content of the video can upset you!

Convair 340 (C-131D) ZS-BRV

This is the latest video from inside the Convair plane that crashed last week in Pretoria South Africa. Convair 340 (C-131D) ZS-BRV was due to be ferried from South Africa to the Aviodome in The Netherlands this month.It had been repainted in the old Martins Air Charter livery.

Posted by Airline Secrets Exposed on Wednesday, 18 July 2018


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