A refreshing holiday – the Corfu disaster chases tourists in the middle of the season  


Those who already have paid or are on vacation in Corfu in Greece are worried whether the current problem on the island will spoil the holiday.

In the UK, travel agencies already offer alternative engagements for tourists who were preparing to fly to Corfu in July and August, after tourists from the previous terms complained about the environmental and sanitary disaster on the island due to huge amounts of waste, an unpleasant smell and unbearable flies.

Corfu has been facing problems of waste storage for a long time because the main landfill is crowded and declared illegal by the EU, and the authorities are struggling to find a suitable replacement. The combination of factors that led to piles of garbage on the streets and an unpleasant rea, currently creates inconveniences to tourists who came to enjoy the Greek island.

Last week, local residents protested outside the city hall against EU plans to open a new landfill in Lefkimiya to reduce pressure on the existing landfill in Templon. They carried transparent “Smelly Summer”, and the police intervened in the protest.

Tour operators from abroad are also pushing the Greek government to resolve the situation before the “peak” of the season in July, and is also negotiating with Athens to transport ships to ships to the mainland of Greece.

In late June, Greek Interior Minister Panos Skurletis said Corfu’s situation was “a real nightmare”, but also “not a new phenomenon”.

He added that this violates the reputation not only of the popular tourist island, but of all of Greece.

Currently, on the streets around the island there are more than four tons of waste.


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