A series of “Love in the Time of the Crown” is being shot in the Czech Republic


Czech state television has tested the assumption that laughter is the best medicine, and in that sense, decided to shoot a kind of humorous series about life in a building in Prague during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Filming for the series, titled “Láska v čase korony” (Love in Corona Time), is set to begin in a week. In six episodes, under the motto “One House, Three Generations, One Global Pandemic,” it will follow the lives of the building’s occupants. The title of the sitcom is inspired by the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Love in the Time of Cholera”.

The main characters are Franta, a teenager whose parents are “stuck” abroad due to travel restrictions due to the coronavirus, then the retired Libor who suddenly has to take care of himself, as well as the newlyweds Peter and Anna, whose quarantine marriage is real. test challenge.

Viewers of Czech television have been invited to share their experiences on the new sitcom’s website as part of the drastic restrictions imposed during the state of emergency.

Producer Tomas Baldinsky has revealed that the script for the first episode has been completed so far, and the plan is for the series to be ready by the end of April, when it should start broadcasting.


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