A thief tried to rob a UFC wrestler’s home and was beaten


UFC fighter Anthony Smith had a difficult psychological weekend behind him after a thief broke into his home on Sunday. Thanks to his fighting skills, Smith managed to defeat the thief and get help from the police. Smith says this was one of his toughest fights.

In an interview with ESPN, he revealed details of the robbery, saying that at first he did not know if the thief was armed and thought he had at most two minutes to defeat him.

“I did not know if he had a weapon with him. People who spend the night in someone’s home usually have a good reason for doing so, and to be honest, I expected them to shoot or stab me. I realized that I had two minutes before something bad happened to me. “I don’t think any normal person can fight that.”

He added that the thief received blows, but continued to fight him.

“This was one of the hardest fights of my life and I was ready to die. In my head all the time was the fact that no one broke into someone’s home unarmed, “Smith revealed.

Smith lives with his wife, three daughters and his wife’s mother. Fortunately, no one was injured.


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