All your life eat pineapple in the wrong way


Whenever you discover a new method that you can “hack” life, you surely say, “How did you not think about this before?”. If you have never thought of it, then wait until you see this new, ingenious way of eating pineapple.


In a video posted by a certain Robert Dillon you can see how he eats pineapple in a unique way, and his post soon became a viral hit.

More than 150,000 people flocked to the video, which at the time of the final check had about half a million views, and many were thrilled by Robert’s ingenious invention.

One of the users who tried this method at the beginning claimed that the pineapple flesh is not as easy as the video, but after trying it the same method with more pineapples concluded that the problem occurs only in under-ripe pineapples.


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