Are You Ready for Marriage?


  Marriage is a community of two people based on love and respect but also requires a lot of effort and compromise.

That’s why you need to make sure you are ready for that big step in the relationship and be honest with yourself and your partner before saying “yes”.

How do you know if you are ready for marriage? There are three questions you need to ask yourself and only honest answers will help you reach the final solution.

Are your partner’s happiness most important to you?

Do you know the secret of happy marriages? It happens when both partners put the other’s happiness ahead of their own. There is no big philosophy here, just the desire to make the other happy. And here’s the big difference between great love and a willingness to get married.

Why do you want a partner?

If you do not have a specific answer to the question, it means that you are not ready for marriage yet. This does not mean that you are not in love or happy, but you are not ready for the marriage of a community that carries responsibilities and disclaimers.

If you disagree on key issues and life decisions before marriage, saying “fateful yes” will not change anything. Marriage should be the crowning of the relationship, going to the next level, the conscious and sensible decision of two grown-ups, not a whim or a quick solution to disagreements or uncertainties.

Are you ready for a life that will complement one another?

While saying yes and signing does not change things magically, still living in a community is different from the life you had before marriage. The question you must ask yourself is: Can the life you want to lead, make you happy, can you lead the marriage? In other words, are your partner’s plans and lifestyle the same and are you ready for compromises?

These can be smaller life issues such as where you live, but also much larger, such as plans for children, your views on religion, upbringing, and the like.


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