Beach Sex: What You Need to Know?


  Summer and the desire for adventure, combined with the increased libido that is common for this time of year, are a great combination to think about beach sex.

Beach sex is exciting – the ability to get caught in the act only increases libido and excitement, as well as the very thought that you are doing something illegal.

If you are vacationing with your partner this summer or planning a summer vacation adventure with friends and have never had sex on the beach before, it is not bad to get informed before taking any steps, which is always good advice when it comes to sex

In the movies, the sex of the beach is presented as something very spontaneous, romantic and easily feasible, but the reality is “a little” different.

While it’s a great idea to spice up your sex life with something new to have an unforgettable experience in a good way, be well prepared before embarking on beach sex.

First, when planning to have sex on the beach, take a thick cover to protect yourself from the sand that by rubbing your bodies can cause serious skin irritation, making the experience unforgettable in a horrible way.

The best option would be to have beach sex at night, but if you want to be truly adventurous and head to a deserted beach and have sex there by day, be sure to apply sunscreen everywhere on the body.

Sex in the water

You may look sexy in a legendary movie scene, but in real life sex in the water can be a really tricky adventure.

The water is dirty

You probably do not always have sex on a perfectly clean bed and sterilized sheets, but in large wetlands such as a lake (natural and artificial), sea or ocean there are bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella. The same is true for pools and jacuzzi baths, where additional breakdown can cause an inadequate pH level that can damage the condom.

“You can get bacteria and other bacilli deep into the vaginal canal and make it a bigger problem,” warns Jennifer Wilder, a female health doctor.

Occurrence of dryness

At first glance you say – it will slip in the water. But remember that water is not a lubricant. On the contrary, it can cause even more friction because it will wash away the natural lubricant on the penis and vagina. If you use a condom, the water can also be washed and dried, and the lubricant on the condom.

Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases

Sorry, but the water has no magical effect and does not cleanse you of sexually transmitted diseases. Since condom use is a little more complicated underwater, improperly using a condom increases your risk of getting infected, and if you do not use any protection – you are completely at risk.

In which countries (none) are you allowed to have beach sex?

Making love in a public place, including on the beach, will cost you seven years in prison in Romania.

In Croatia, you can choose between 30 days in jail or a 150 euro fine.

In Mallorca, Spain, the fines range up to 1,000 euros.

Scandinavians even encourage couples to make love in the fresh air. In Sweden for a small beach adventure you will pay a fine of 50 euros, while if you are caught having sex on the beach in Norway, you will receive only a warning.


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