Belly or stomach: What kind of men do women want?


If you are concerned that you are not in the best physical form and want to lower your stomach and, if possible, make abdominal muscles, do not worry, you will not have to bother much.

A recent study by Planet Fitness found that women actually prefer men with a “stomach dad” figure rather than a “tile” on the stomach.

The results of the survey showed that women are more attractive to men who have a “little excess” stomach than those with a “perfectly vibrant body”.

Jessica Korea from the marketing department at Planet Fitness said she hoped the research results would help men accept bodies as they are, but that they will not discourage them from exercising and maintaining the body healthy and in shape.

More than three-quarters of women (78%) think that men with a “dumb dude” figure feel more comfortable in their skin and have greater self-confidence.


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