What are the best exercises for a flat stomach?


Scientists conclude that the greatest benefit of training at high intensity intervals is that short and intensive exercises are performed, with the body working to the limit, thus improving the degradation of fatty tissue into the stomach.

A flat and solid stomach is not good just because of the physical appearance, but it is also an indicator of good health, because the stomach is the center of the body, and among others, along with the back muscles, it is bestowed to properly position the body.

The fatty deposits of the stomach are extremely unhealthy, since they accumulate in the abdominal cavity and encircle several important organs.

Because of that, the natives have done research on how the exercises are actually the best for a flat and firm stomach.

In one study, the respondents performed four different exercises over a week.

One group of participants performed four static cardio exercises and exercise exercises, while the other group performed two static exercises and two training sessions at high intensity intervals.

Scientists have concluded that training at high intensity intervals is best for getting a flat and firm stomach.

The group of subjects who performed training at high intensity intervals lost much more body weight, as well as significantly more calories in the fat tissue of the stomach area, compared to the group that performed static exercises in the gym.


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