The biggest mistakes you make when you download pounds and detoxification


You need to keep in mind that cleaning with which you want to extract extra pounds and restoring good mood can harm your body and cause long term imbalance in metabolism, and these are examples of the biggest mistakes.

Undecided and weak character

If you are supplied with the best grocery and detoxification products, they will not mean much to you if you do not have a solid character and if you have not really decided to give priority to your body and so to behave. “Just one banned bunny” and “Just for the weekend” are major obstacles on the way to the finish.

Morning chew with a cup of apple cider vinegar

The magical elixir that many believe is not enough scientific evidence of effectiveness, and while some studies show that it can regulate blood sugar levels and create a sense of satiety, it warns of its harmful side effects. Drinking many acidic liquids can irritate the throat and stomach, and drinking apple cider vinegar is not the best idea of ​​releasing the body from toxins.


The decision to remove solid food and drink only a green disorder is not the most upset move, because everything you lose in this way will quickly return you. Apart from the feeling of exhaustion and dehydration, it can slow down the metabolism in the long run. By starvation you will force the body to feed on its own muscles, and losing muscle mass will make your weight loss more difficult later.

One meal a day

Although food is the largest source of harmful substances that we try to eject from the body with detoxification, eating out food or eating only one meal a day is a wrong approach. The body needs a balanced diet, which is not a skipping of breakfast or dinner. Research has proven that eating one meal per day accompanies dangerous fats on the stomach.

Overflow with lemon in water

Digestion of lemon in water is a great way to hydrate, intake vitamin C and antioxidants. But your favorite detox drink is a big danger to your teeth because citric acid bites the enamel of the teeth.

Hair exaggeration

The fibers are very important to our body and are useful for digestion in the digestive system. But the excessive input will only bring you bubbles and gases. Also, when eating fiber-rich foods, do not forget to drink plenty of water.

Facilitating laxatives

With laxatives you may be able to achieve a flat stomach overnight, but their frequent use in detoxification can be very dangerous. After a few days, you may develop dependence on them, and can cause dehydration, an inflamed bowel, or problems with the kidneys and liver.



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