Centimeters or kilograms: What shows you are really weak?


If the scale shows the same number of pounds a few days in a row, then you can believe it.

You must have noticed that the scale shows a different weight for several days in a row, depending on the time you are measuring. It is therefore advisable to measure yourself without clothes at certain times of the day to get an accurate figure.

The best time to measure is in the morning, when the body and intestines are purified. On the other hand, it is frustrating when a scale shows excess pounds at some point in the day.

Avoid measuring in the following situations.

After strenuous training

The body needs a large amount of fluid after training to help the muscles regenerate. At that point, we usually weigh a kilo or two more. It is important to keep in mind that your body needs water and that you will see the true state a day or two after strenuous exercise.

After the trip

After traveling for more than 4 hours, our body has a fluid and electrolyte imbalance, which results in an instant, slight increase in body weight.

In the menstrual cycle

Then there is a hormonal imbalance, the body retains water and is swollen. Measure after three days of the cycle, because then you will be shown the real weight.

However, the question is: To what extent are the pounds an indicator of our appearance?


When you lose weight, it does not mean that you are bringing your body to perfection and it is therefore important to keep in mind the importance of training to reshape our body.

When you workout intensively, weight loss does not have to happen at first, but fat deposits are gradually lost and compensated by increased muscle mass. One kilo of muscle takes up less space than a kilo of fat.

Active strain speeds up your metabolism by 15% and therefore reduces your body weight regardless of your weight. Muscles grow and fat burns. That’s why centimeters are a more realistic indicator.


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