Chancers discover: Five common mistakes in flirting


The chancellors saw everything and everything, all kinds of conversations were heard. Part of their work is to observe people and to know how to beautify the evening with their timely helpfulness and preferably charming humor.

What most bargainers have seen are people who flirt because their job is the place where people go out to relax, have fun and find love or at least sex for one evening.

These real superheroes of modern times have seen you stupid and pulling out a jacket from a sleeve, impress and flicker with your eyes … that’s why you can best say what are the most common mistakes people make when they flirt.

You are boasting a lot

It is great to believe in yourself and be proud of the things that you have achieved. Everyone wants to be presented in the best light and leave a great first impression, but do not overdo it with praises. It usually has a counterfeit, whether you are male or female. Your real qualities will show themselves, and in the meantime, wait for you to be asked, then talk.

You drink too much

The tactic to praise the person you are interested in how much you can drink is wrong in many respects. First, it’s very immature. Second, it’s not about boasting. Thirdly, you will want to remember the day, right?

You presume what they want to drink

It’s not a pleasant move to order for the other person, although this is your first date or you just met in the bar. The attempt to “kidnap” the meeting never ends well.

You order something just to be cool

Drink what you always drink. If you want to impress the other by showing a “refined taste,” and even worse, you do not know how to say it, order, or drink that “thing,” you are judging yourself to failure. Be your own, it’s always a good start.

Body language

Do not forget where and how you are positioned in space. The chancellors notice it best. Do not tilt too far to the other person, do not occupy the whole mass / bar, do not stare at the TV, mobile, other men / women … your body language shows much more than your words.


If you try to flirt with a person you accidentally met, without the intention of finding someone interesting, the attitude of untouchable and disinterested, when you are really interested, is a terrible minus. Seriously, how do you expect the other person to get positive vibrations from you and want to call you / write?


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