The most common causes of cramps in the legs


Feeling cramps in the muscles of your legs or feet, and you do not know what the cause is? If you rarely do, you do not have to worry because science has not given them an explanation.

If the spasms occur occasionally, most often after a long walk, it is not a cause for concern. Also not considered problematic spasms that will “cut you” once or twice a month.

But if they occur more often, there are several reasons for this.

If you experience severe cramps after walking at a short distance or occurring several times a week, seek medical help.

You should not neglect the nightly cramps that occur while you are still. They are most often due to neuropathy, or inflammation of the nerves.

Lack of magnesium, increased pace of physical activity, thyroid problems, pregnancy, cholesterol-lowering drugs and liver disease are the most common causes of leg cramps.

By adding an extra dose of magnesium to the diet and regular stretching exercises before bedtime you can help to mitigate or completely prevent painful cramps.

If cramps continue and become more common, be sure to seek medical attention.


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