Countries where tattoos can cause you problems


Until a few decades ago, tattooed people were targets of prejudice and stereotypes. It was thought that tattoos only had prisoners or those serving in the JNA army.

The tattoo was covered with clothing and could be a reason for dismissal.

Tattooing is not a trend that emerged decades ago. In the past, people used to decorate the body in different ways.

Nowadays, tattoos are allowed, but in some countries, tattooing can still cause you problems.


Thailand respects Buddhism, so the Buddha’s tattoo is considered an insult to members of the religion.

Thailand has banned tattoos for both residents and tourists alike. If you have a tattoo like this, it would be best to cover it with clothing while staying there.


In 1996, Denmark passed a law banning tattooing on the palms, neck and face.

But the Danes are too liberal, so if you take a stroll through Copenhagen you will notice people who do not comply with the law.


Hawaii is allowed tattooing on the ear and eyelid only with the presence and permission of a doctor.

North Korea

Like everything else, tattooing is under the control of the Communist Party. For example, you may not tattoo the word “love” if it refers to your family, but you may tattoo “love” if it refers to love for the homeland.

Tattooing a picture of Kim Jong Un is strictly forbidden and you may receive a prison sentence.


In Japan, tattoos are permitted, but you may not display them in public places such as a swimming pool, gym or restaurant.


Nazi tattoos are banned in Germany. You may receive a fine if you occasionally want a cross-linked tattoo.

Also, you must not tattoo Communist symbols.


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